Commonplace is here to house the best pop-up events, community activities, meet ups and organisations Greater Manchester has to offer. All under the roof of a double-decker bus. 

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We are a unique mobile space, that caters for everyone. Big or small, an individual or group, local or city-wide. Whether you want to hire us or collaborate on an event we love to hear your ideas. 


How you can get on board

Hire us - got the perfect location to park the bus? We will bring our double decker to you, provide you with the furniture you need and leave you to host your event. 



Work with us - are you a community organisation or small business looking to develop a new event? We can collaborate with you to design and deliver an event on board. 


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Let us co-ordinate - are you a business looking for your next staff function or an individual looking for a unique venue for a party? We can put something truly special together - perhaps a fine dining experience on the top deck, or a spa delivered to your doorstep. 

And the best bit... Commonplace is a social enterprise! This means every time you hire us we return our profits back to deliver events in the community and make the space accessible for all. Win-win!

If this has sparked your imagination for your next event you can download a copy of our brochure here or drop us a line: