Cabinet Painting Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen cabinet painting is a popular service provided by kitchen remodeling professionals in Louisville. In these stressful economic times, most homeowners want to find ways to save money and still make their kitchens shine. This is where a kitchen remodeling company in Louisville adds a bonus: they can refinish your cabinetry for you at a reasonable price. The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the cabinet, the type of finish used and how many appointments are scheduled.

Cabinet painting in Louisville involves high-quality cabinet restoration and refinishing to bring your older, battered, or stained cabinetry up to today’s standards. Whether you’ve painted your cabinet yourself or hired a cabinet painting contractor to do the job, refinishing is a great option. High-quality cabinet restoration and refinishing in Louisville are a time-saving solution to your kitchen decorating budget. Cabinet painting in Louisville is an affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift without spending a lot of money.

Cabinet refacing in Louisville means restoring your cabinet doors to the original color and texture of when they were new. Although painting your cabinet may seem like an expensive endeavor, refinishing will bring out the beauty, shine, and durability that only paint can provide. Cabinet refinishing in Louisville is a service offered by many kitchen cabinet painting companies. Cabinet refacing is all work done indoors, painting, staining, and sanding cabinets and doors, with an average cost of $500.

The first coat of paint applied to your cabinet doors and trim is called a ‘first crack’. This is the first line of protection from wood movement and weathering. The first coat of paint applied to your cabinet doors and trim sets the stage for the entire project. The painter applies a primer to the surface of the wood, an undercoat to seal in your hard work and color stain to set the stage for the color you will choose. When choosing a color to stain your cabinets, it’s important to choose a shade that will blend well with the other wood pieces and furniture in your kitchen but is still attention-grabbing and unique.

The cabinet doors and trim are then prepared for the top coat of stain or paint. This is the step where your artistic ability is truly tested. After careful consideration, the painter decides whether to use a brush or roller and what sort of canvas will best capture the grain and texture of the wood. Once the cabinet doors and trim have been primed, the painter will apply a second coat of stain or paint. Using a brush or roller, the painter captures the texture as it emerges from the wood, allowing the true depth and brilliance of the wood to shine through.

Cabinet refacing in Louisville is becoming more popular every day as people look for a way to restore their kitchens and restore their own sense of style at the same time. While refinishing a kitchen can be expensive and time consuming, cabinet refacing is a more affordable option that allow you to enjoy a brand new color or design in your kitchen immediately. You may be able to find a professional cabinet refinishing company in Louisville that offers free estimates and assistance when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets. If you choose this route, be sure to take into account all of the variables that are involved in refinishing a kitchen. The price you pay for these services should reflect the time and effort it took to get these jobs done right.